About Bergen Kendoklubb

Bergen Kendoklubb started in 1986 and is currently the only club in the entire region of Hordaland.

Our club is consisted of Kendo, Iaido, Kyudo and is authorised by the Norwegian Martial Art Assosiation.
In general Kendo in Norway is member of the EKF and the FIK.

Since its formation in 1986, members (both men and women) of our club have been part of the Norwegian national Kendo Team which attends to European/World Kendo championships.

In BKK we train systematically and efficiently and through training we strive to mold mind and body and at the same time to remain fit and healthy persons. Apart from the training hours, we tend to organize social activities in order to contribute to the team spirit. During the last years our club has a constant increase of its members, its wins at competitions, its attendansies at national/international seminars (including Japan) and the organization of international seminars (Holmgang).

Although we train hard for competitions, we do not lean out of the true kendo spirit which is refined by benevolence, honour, courtesy, wisdom and sincerity. That gives the chance to everyone regardless age or physical situation train at BKK. Very important mindset which exists in our club is that everyone, from the youngest member to the oldest, is treated and respected equally with sencerety.

Kendo in BKK guides us to become better entities and contribute to the development of culture.

You want to experience Kendo at BKK and become a member of our team?

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About Us

Bergen KendoKlubb started in 1986 and is currently the only club in the entire region of Hordaland. The club is authorized by the Norwegian Martial Arts Federation and the European Kendo Federation.

Open Hours

Monday: 18:00-20:00
Tuesday: 19:00-20:00
Wednesday: 19:00-21:00
Thursday: 18:00-21:00


Bøkeveien 9, 5067 Bergen, Norge
email: bergen.kendoklubb@gmail.com
Telephone: +47 46 89 47 31